Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ballpark Review: Busch Stadium 7/6/17

Baseball Heaven.

That is what many call Busch Stadium. Especially all the loyal Cardinals fans out there including yours truly.

Like most years I made my annual pilgrimage to Busch Stadium on an extremely hot day.

It was so hot. It was unintentional to go on such a hot day as well.

Yet the heat did not get the best of me and my friends.

Let's get away from the weather and onto the stadium itself.

Arriving to Busch Stadium is quite easy. I-64 takes you practically straight up to the gates. Unfortunately you have to deal with parking.


Luckily for Andrew and I, we found $10 parking about 5 blocks from the stadium. Not bad at all, but some people were not as lucky, paying 20 if not 30 dollars for parking. Now that is just downright harsh.

Arriving to the gates of Baseball Heaven has become quite dismal in recent years. There is security everywhere. You cannot even take a bag into the ballpark anymore. It is a shame that it has come to this, but I understand why it has.

Once you finally get past all the security and into the ballpark you begin to understand why Busch Stadium is called Baseball Heaven.

It is gorgeous.

The field is in pristine shape and there is not a bad seat in the house.

This was the view from when we were hoping that a player would pop up to sign some autographs. Unfortunately, no one did.

And this the view from our seats. $10 got us 3rd row in the outfield. Pretty fantastic seats if you wanted to get a sunburn. Haha!

We ended up moving into the shade on the upper deck and even then the seats were not bad.

The game itself was quite a wild one. Luke Voit was a monster. He drove in three of the Cardinals 4 runs on the game. Oh, the Cardinals closer, left off two baserunners, but luckily struck out Martin Prado to finish the game.

Furthermore, if you do decide to make the trip out to Baseball Heaven take a lot of money with you because everything is overpriced.

I bought a soft pretzel for $10. I wanted to cry as I gave over my money for it.

Also do not plan on going to the team shop because you can easily find all the same gear on eBay for anywhere from $20-$50 cheaper than it is there.

To conclude I rate my trip to Busch Stadium


The stadium and atmosphere was absolutely breathtaking, but the amenities were just not up to par.

Thank you for making reading today and God Bless!

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