Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Autograph Recap: Peoria Chiefs vs Beloit Snappers 6/27/17

Now that the ballpark is all done with Dozer Park, we can now move onto the autographs that I received from the game. Andrew may add his in later. We will see.

Peoria is quite an easy place to graph. The left field railing and the right field railing are basically the only two places you need to hang out at. If you want autographs after the game, you better be right next to the dugout because there is a clubhouse that the players enjoy scurrying to before the autograph hounds can get to them.

Which honestly I don't blame them because some of these dudes just keep coming back for more and more. It is pretty crazy if you ask me because after while it is like what are you going to do with all this stuff? Unfortunately some people sell it.

Anyways, off my soapbox and on to the autographs.

Andrew and I showed up early and knocked out Beloit super quick. We only had two guys we needed to get from their team. JaVon Shelby and Trace Loehr. Luckily, both were willing to sign for us.

Trace was a pretty chill dude. He was not too thrilled about the game being so early. Lol.

Trace was drafted in the 6th Round in 2014. He has struggled for the most part trying to climb the ladder in the A's system.

This is his second year in the Midwest League and he is batting .246. Yikes! It also seemed to me while watching him play that he does not really have any tools that make him stand out. His defense is probably his best tool and that is about it.

Next, we have JaVon Shelby.

JaVon was drafted in the 5th Round of the 2016 draft.

This is his first year in the Midwest League and he is batting to a tune of .224, but he has hit 7 home runs.

When asked to sign, JaVon did not seemed too thrilled. He just came over and did not really say much, but he did sign so I am not complaining.

So that was it for Beloit for me. We then went over to the other side of the field to watch Peoria warm up and picked them off as they walked back to the dugout before the game started.

I like Dylan Carlson. He seemed a little high on himself. You could understand why because he was the Cardinals 1st Round Draft Pick in 2016. After watching him play though, I was quite impressed.

Dylan plays with incredible amounts of energy. He is very raw, but for his age he is doing quite well in a challenging Midwest League this year. Dylan has plenty of speed and a bit of power with 5 home runs. It may just take him awhile to develop.

He was an easy signer and seemed more than happy to sign for us.

Okay now Nick Plummer sucks to try to get an autograph from. It takes multiple times calling out his name, and he likes hiding. And for as much as he hates signing, he does not make up for it playing wise.

The Cardinals 2015 1st Round Pick has a .181 average to his name. Being a Cardinals fan, I was not impressed at all.

He also pressed down hard with the Sharpie, but I can't complain because I was actually able to get a hold of him.

The Cardinals 2014 2nd Round Pick, Ronnie Williams is a really cool guy. We asked him to sign before the game and he wanted to! He was making us give him our stuff to sign as quit as he could before the players ran out on the field. Really fun guy to get an autograph from.

Unfortunately, he has struggled on the field with a 7.91 ERA. Ronnie is inconsistent when he starts. Sometimes he absolutely lights out or hitters light him up.

I sure hope he can turn it around because Ronnie is a really cool guy.

We got Jordan Hicks after the game. Even after the success he has been having this year, he is pretty chill about signing. I should say he didn't hide like Nick Plummer.

That being said I got this 2015 Elite Extra Edition card signed by the 2017 Midwest League All-Star.

Lastly, we have the man the Cardinals traded Matt Adams for.

Juan Yepez was my favorite player I met that day. Not only is his autograph fantastic, but he was super nice to his fans. He was taking pictures, signing autographs, and actually holding conversations with people. A rarity among many players in today's game.

As for his play on the field, Juan has a very good eye for being such a young hitter. He also is quite solid defensively.

So here is hoping the best for Juan in the future. He has been tagged my favorite player of the game. I may make that a theme, I don't know. We will see as I do more of these.

Thanks for stopping by everybody and I hope you  had a fantastic and safe 4th of July!

God Bless!

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